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AR Focused

Uploading of aged AR and total customer ledger.

Auto mail to customers, highlighting overdues.

Focused collection of overdue and past dues.

Updation of receipts and legal support.

Balance confirmation and dunning report for overdue.

Reconciliation of client ledger and customer ledger.


Esteemed client base of around 80 customers.

Web based software on workflow model.

Online reporting with call details updated.

MIS reports with call details and action reports.

Receipt of forms, submission and correction of forms captured.

Online reconciliation process of both client books and vendor books.

Final C-form can be formatted and uploaded to the salestax department website.

Document Digitized

Documents will be on parent and child relationship.

Documents are encrypted and stored.

Documents can be scanned in Pdf, Jpeg format.

Documents can be retrieved using the parent and child relationship.

Documents can be displayed on thumbnail and expanded.


Customer enquiries can be captured online.

Customer complaints logged and escalated to the defined executive.

Action taken and pending action can be highlighted.

Workflows can be created and linked to all responsibility levels.

Dedicated call centre will address customer needs.

Customer satisfaction index is monitored.

Value Chain Services
Value Chain Management
Value Chain Solutions
AARMS Foundations

AR Focused commits to data upload from respective clients sending automails, focused on follow ups with the customers for the balance confirmation, bad debts and provisioned debts, ageing analysis and duning reports. Online reconciliation and confirmation of balance sheet, online MIS and dashboard metrics.

GSTWorkflow stands for Goods and Services Tax. Process for collecting different kinds of sales related forms from customers and submitting to client. It is applicable to the products or services of companies. Different sales tax is applicable to a product based on its category, company, company's location and other factors. Also the type and amount of sales tax exemption applicable, is based on forms like C-form, H-form and I-form.

Document Digitized functions as document managing product such as manufacturing, healthcare, banking. It supports AR, AP, logistics, secretarial and other functions. Scanned images are linked by unique number. Data is indexed and has multiple search, scanning cost is reduced and data can be recovered anytime and anywhere.

B2B Customersupport deals with market research, promotion facilities. Customer satisfaction index monitored, complaints logged and action taken monitored. Its basically cost effective customer support system that facilitates business by tracking CSI. Online promotions, market survey improves sales strategy.