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Sourcing initiative to connect with the buyer, service seeker, seller and service provider.

Focus on projects & product initiatives.

BOM covering 60% of project.

Operates on economies of scale and E-BID model.

Aims at cost minimization by focusing on improving value chain productivity.

Product cost is sourced directly from the manufacturer/service provider.

SCM BizConnect

Corporates can post RFQ, E-BID, reverse auctions online.

Auto mails generated to the registered transporters in SCM junction.

Optimization module requests vehicle placements.

Vehicle placement time, loading time, driver details, LR details captured.

Auto mails to consignee with expected time of delivery.

Unloading time at consignee location captured.

SCM Junction

Operates on fleet exchange model & BID model.

Vehicles wanted and vehicles available are posted online on spot basis.

RFQ for annual price fixing can be posted online.

Registered transporters can bid online .

Rebid and bid acceptance can be made online.

Orders are released online.

AAUM Connect

Vehicle tracking device through GPRS system.

Capital cost is as low as Rs.900 and operating cost at less than Rs.400/month.

Tripwise tracking.

Access to clients, branches and vehicle owners.

Alerts for undue delays and idle time.

Process for capturing unloading time and capture cost of detention.

Value Proposition

Transparent pricing model.

No increase in the value chain.

Online MIS reports & audit trials.

Workflow based process flow. Integrated end to end solutions.

Can connect multiple locations. Cost saving, cost comparison.

Focus on SLA adherance metrics & monitoring.

Value Chain Services
Value Chain Management
Value Chain Solutions
AARMS Foundations
Download AARMS Workflow Driven GST Management Presentation

In BID2SKY projects are posted online with details of location, time frame and a project brief. BOM is uploaded for the project/ product with technical specifications of the product. RFQ is floated online which can be viewed by all and quoted online by registered vendors. E-Bids are compared online. Reverse bidding is hosted online. Bid2sky ensures delivery based on PO.

SCM BIZCONNECT aims at transaction based pricing which is a paradigm shift of the existing management of logistics based on a few transport providers and annual frozen cost. The redefined process brings the best of the competitive pricing, SLA adherance and enhances the productivity of centralised management through outsourced model.

SCM JUNCTION provides a logistics open platform to match supply and demand of road transportation in India. The portal gives requirements of availability of trucks or need of trucks indicating the date, source, destination and the truck type. Members of SCM Junction can view the requirements and post their quotations for requirement posted by the advertiser.

AAUM CONNECT is a vehicle tracking device which ensures real-time tracking of vehicles. AAUMCONNECT aims at providing a cost effective solution keeping in view the indian industry which operates on 90% of market hired vehicles. We provide all the variants of vehicle tracking which includes GPS based tracking through device fitted to the vehicle with a GPRS loaded sim.